Saturday, 5 April 2008

New pic of Zoie's lost tooth...

Just wanted to post the pictures of Zoie after she had her front tooth pulled...

Izzie and Aerie hit the slopes...

We went to Germany over Spring Break- and Izzie and Aerie learned to ski. They're naturals!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Zoie's Poor Tooth!

For those of you who have been lucky(?) enough to live by us for the last year and a half or so... you know that Zoie fell in Paris and literally cracked about 1/3 of her front tooth off. (The poor girl also has a kind of webbed tooth on the bottom- two of her teeth are fused together and look like one big old mutant tooth).

Well, it's been bothering her recently, so I brought her into the Dentist last week a couple of times.

It was a nightmare getting her to cooperate with x-rays etc. (When we first went in, the Dr. put her in the X-ray chair and handed her a little white rectangle, and asked her to "bite down on this". I shot him a look like, "you have obviously NEVER been around a two year old before", and Zoie promptly stuck the x-ray card down her shirt.

Anyway, they finally sealed it, but couldn't tell us why it was bothering her.

A couple days ago, I noticed that there was a little white pearl looking blob in her gum above that tooth... So I brought her in AGAIN!

The dentist took one look at that thing and said- "this has got to come out!"

The TOOTH, that is!

So, yesterday we had the pleasure of assisting Zoie- a TWO year old, in getting multiple injections into an already inflamed and engorged gum, and then getting her tooth manually removed- while she was awake. It wasn't easy, they finally had to strap her down to one of those little papoose boards. :(

What a nightmare for all involved. The poor girl, she just kept looking at us like, "why are you doing this to me!"

Got to get a picture of her new smile... she looks like even more of a Hockey player than before!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

In case you missed it...

A hilarious video of Zoie...

Monday, 14 January 2008

Mitt... taking the high road

How can you not just love this man???

Sunday, 13 January 2008

My favorite tree this year...

I decorated my favorite little tree this year. I can't bear to take the decorations off... it's going to look naked!

Bye, Bye Tree!

Well, here we are on the way to the recycling drop-off to deposit our "real" Christmas tree. We had to get rid of it somehow since they don't pick up trees in our village- so Steve chopped it up into bits, and we transported it this way... I don't think anyone was permanently scarred by the trip.